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The issue seems to be that you want towards a sfx squib which in the UK may be T2 but most others on the forum want lots of flash and fire to pass fire to a firework fuse and don't want the bang.

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So to beat the horse a bit more....


I was reading through old FW.com forums, and the copper oxide / thermite squib discussion (from 2014), talks about a gel capsule (like a pill capsule) filled with Copper thermite over an ematch, and dipped in fiberglass resin was being used as a squib .... If anyone had a hankering to try, the resin would certainly provide more containment in a still small package....



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not quite the size of an ematch blank, and copper thermites tend to produce loads of copper metal vapour and sparks.


but as a larger squib i have no doubt it would work, depending on the effect you wanted to create.

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