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Software Upgraded, Discord, more. Please Consider Donating?


As you probably noticed, the software has been upgraded. I hate change as much as the next person, but this new version does have a lot of new features.
Go exploring and have fun, post if you can, and we'll continue to fine-tune the features.

We unfortunately lost a few gallery images in the move and upgrade, though I think most of those were corrupted previously, and few (or no one) noticed.

Since our chat function has been shut down, we're trying something new with Discord, a free chat service.
If you're interested, please check it out: https://discord.gg/umQRdxm7vY


APC relies on donations to stay running.

We're hopeful we can hit our target in 2023/2024.

Please consider donating to help keep APC free for everyone.


Click the yellow button, and when done PLEASE PM ME so I get your account correct when assigning Donator status.

Thank You!

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