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Wheel drivers


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I want to start out making wheels and would be thankful for experiences. Lancaster has a degree of information and also some formulas.


Two things would be interest: what kind of tools are required (I figure those drivers are essentially fountains that can be made using fountain tooling?) and what experiences people have with the formulas and their performance (including the fiddling/mods required to realize things like glitter wheels).


Appreciate any input on that topic!

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#admiral : I use standard 1lb endburner tooling for making the wheel drivers. 6 3 1 coreburner fuel works well for standard C based drivers, use Pine C for optimal spark production. Milling the mix gives the drivers more power , only screening it slows it down, you can experiment with that.


I hope this previous upload/thread of mine gives you some ideas..




I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.





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