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Zero flame smoke composition


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Inherited a pool recently along with pool chems, among which is Trichloroisocyanuric acid ( a chlorinating agent with a big 5.1 oxidiser symbol.)


I found that this produces an interesting effect...


This composition produces the thickest pure white smoke of any comp I've tested per gram with absolutely no flame.


The comp:

Trichloroisocyanuric acid - 70

Sucrose - 30

Copper sulfate - 1


Sugar should be milled until a fine dust but the TCCA works best as coarser particles 40-60#


Screen well. I have only test edit as a loose powder.


Sorry, as this is typed on a phone, will add more once I have a proper machine.( including videos)

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Isn`t that substance used to disinfect pool water? I once read about a such smoke composition but the smoke

was really nasty, as I remember there was a lot of chlorine gas in the smoke so I don`t think this is really usable for smoke bombs...

Best regards

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I have to agree with PyroCube. I hope your wearing that respirator. Please be careful.
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Sure am, I agree about the chlorine, but I didn't notice any traces after the smoke dissipated (and a small wait)


Another problem I could think of would be cyanide related compounds, but my lack of much internet prevents much further research at the moment.


Not exactly sure if the copper sulfate does anything, but it was in the TCCA so I included it in the formula to keep results consistent.

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