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Good Formula for Farfalle?


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Hi guys,

Here is a small farfalle shell. Symmetry and B were not the best.

But that does not matter. I can correct it.

But, I get the farfalle never been out like the commercial.

The commercial, look really bushy. 've Done some tests,

but I am not satisfied. No matter what I do, it will not work.


Here you can see some results








The last one , was the best i think... But still not as the bushy commercial one....



Anyone here who wants to share a good formula or

itself has good experiences with farfalle?





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I've always used meal with +10% titanium (-40+60 mesh).


If you're more worried about the spray, you can center fuse them instead of end fusing. This is a trick to allow you to use slower burning formulas and increase the spray density.


I only have one video, and it's not my best example. The shell wasn't broken too hard, and was kind of low to the ground. Some of the inserts blew up too.


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