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Some shells


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Here are a few of my last ball shells.








the last one looks like the hair of medusa. :D




Currently I am going to build a 6" willow diadem.

I think in 1-2 weeks I can go shoot it.



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Because WIN39 burns very quickly, I have pasted the stars to get a longer burning time.

(As a Crossette Star)

I think by the rapid burning of the stars, and as they become lighter in weight, they begin to swim towards the end.

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That last one looks innovative. To be honest, you can try to improve inner petal with that 4'er,it looked a bit messy. what do you use for making the petals?


Thanks for sharing, nice that you are active, filming and uploading.



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sure you mean the red peony?

This had no inner petal. ^_^

These were Ti-Streamer, which are broken during break.

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