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Wich sponge titanium for dilay in 1LB rocket


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I finished to dial in the fuel on my 1lb engines and now im looking for a nice tail.


I have sponge titanium in 100-250um or 450-1000um


Al atomized 325mesh


What should i use and is it good to use a 1/10 ratio?


I run a nozzleles setup


Thanxs in advance for your help

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I figure your Ti material is a bit on the coarse side of things. Very fine Ti powder is best. And 10% seems plenty. 3% or even less I would guess is best. But others may help you with better input on both.
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Thanxs for the answers



100-250um is betwenn 60to140mesh size this isnt really coarse in my opinion.



I ad the 100-250um sponge in my endburners after the spindle without any problems in addiction to milled BP



Sure, i will only ad ti above the spindle just in the delay so i think i will try it out with the 100-250um to see how it looks.

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I have no clue what DubaiAmateurRocketry is talking about. The aluminum will give no sparks what so ever. The titanium will be fine. You don't want the metal to be a good fuel. You want it to burn up in the air, not the motor.


I'd go with the 100-350 micron stuff. I bet it will work great.

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