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Brand new ! Fireworks star formulas 2024


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Hi everyone, here I just want to share with you some of mine formula estimated ! All formula is experimental, please be careful and don’t mix huge amount composition for first time! Mix about 10gr for test. Strobe wont work due their huge amount Nc, actually was recalculated with less amount NC 


a nh4c104 = 45.2717(45)

c nc = 26.7854(27)

d mgal= 3.2582(3)

e srco3 = 24.2011(24)

b pvcc = 7.0000 (7)


a kc104 = 48.7636(49)

c resinox = 5.2277(5)

d mgal= 11.9179 (12)

e srco3 = 29.5462(30)

b pvcc = 15.0000 (15)

green strobe 

nh4c104 = 51.1099

c mgal= 18.6618

d baso4 = 34.1964

e pvcc = 8.9681

b nc = 5.0000

 Red strobe 

a nh4cl04 = 38.0128

b nc = 28.8462

c mgal= 13.9488

d srs04 = 25.7340

e pvcc = 6.5419

a nh4c104 = 50.7981

c mgal= 18.6149

d srs04 = 34.3764

e pvcc. = 8.7894

b nc = 5.0000




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How do you expect the first red formula to work with such a low amount of magnalium? The high amount of NC will probably keep it lit but it is extremely unorthodox!

What theoretical assumptions in your program led you to that composition?

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The second red formula is even more extreme due to its very high amount of strontium carbonate that to a big extent only will work as ballast/dilutant. 

The amount of Saran resin is unusually big too. Even though it is a better fuel than chlorinated rubber it is way too much in this formula with such low exothermicity. 

Computer code for pyrotechnics cannot be used successfully without proper understanding of the basic underlying phenomena and practical rules of thumb. 

When it comes to explosives and modern propellants it is much easier. Pyrotechnics are way more complex!

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Posted (edited)

Those formula has been estimated closer to 0 oxygen balance, anyway I did calculate a lot of them for test and that’s is not mean each formula is should perfectly works. 
Simple saying, here is the rule: test all formula and choose which one is works well

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What reactions have you taken into account?

You cannot count on the oxygen from the carbonate unless the reaction temperature is very high and that won’t happen to a large extent in the first two formulas. 

In pyrotechnics, many different reactions happen at the same time. Usually, there are different reactions that happen to different extent depending on the reaction temperature. 

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