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Who's got the plans?


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Who can shoot me some plans to building a DIY star roller?


I really dig the ones that use a bucket so if anyone has a link to a step by step write up can you shoot it to me or to everybody who looks at this request/post?



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The easiest star roller I've made was from bolting a 5 gallon bucket to a harbor freight port a band. I mounted it in a vise and locked the trigger on. The nicest feature about this is the variable speed knob.

I slide a second bucket into the original one to make cleanup a breeze. This setup also works extremely well as a ballmill and have milled over 13.5 lbs at one time with the addition of castor wheels supporting the first bucket.

I had my doubts about the cheapo band saw but it has lasted over 6mo and still going strong. I've often left it run for over 3 days strait while making al powder.

Sorry for the lack of pics but it is an easy MOD only requiring 3 holes in the bucket and an allen key to bolt it to the drive wheel.

Hope this helps.

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