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Granite with alcohol/acetone?


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Dear firemakers,


I'm looking for a granite-composition that can be bound with acetone/alcohol. Couldn't find anything on Google or Passfire, is this even possible?

Feel free to give me an "experimental" comp, and I will post results!




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Are you looking for a Zinc composition? I would try phenolic resin or Red Gum as a substitute for the typical binder.


Zinc powder, fine 620
Potassium Nitrate 215
Charcoal, airfloat 55
Charcoal, 80-mesh or more coarse 36-40 mesh 55
Sulfur 40
Dextrin 15
Total 1000
I would have search my notes for the replacement value but I think its about 20 6 parts of resin as a sub.
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Cheers, I thought I might needed parlon (didn't know RG did such a good job). Will try that today.


Would BP + 5% Si do the job for priming? Got plenty of star-batches here, mostly parlon-bound colors, red strobes and now this comp. Is my prime good enough for all of the mentioned? Should I perhaps add a layer of Pinball right on the starcomp?

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