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Help with green star


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I have not been able to make cut green stars ( they turn out yellow) using this formula. It seems to me there should be some dark aluminum in the formula somewhere. Any suggestions for cut green stars appreciated.


Potassium perchlorate 3


Magnalium 3


Barium Carbonate 2


Parlon 0.15


Red Gum 0.05


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How did you view them? Fired from a star gun or close up on the ground. Barium Carbonate will not make a great green star, but I used this formula (an article gleaned from Skylighter) and close up it showed some yellow but at a distance was a better green. Maybe yours needs distance. Also ensure any solvent or water has completely dried from the star mix. Slight dampness gave yellow also.




Skylighter Green stars without barium nitrate/chlorate.

Thanks to Norm for this one. We haven’t tried it, so give us your feedback on it. If the stars look good, they reeaaaalllly do solve a big green star problem for a lotta folks who are not able to get barium nitrate or barium chlorate shipped to them.

With all the shipping and health problems associated with barium nitrate or chlorate, I have come up with a fairly good green star using barium carbonate. This star has no apparent yellow and burns reasonably fast. The composition is quite simple; all parts are by weight.

Radiant Green Star

Potassium perchlorate


Barium carbonate


Dark pyro aluminum (400 mesh or finer)


(any flash or -400 or smaller flake aluminum)


Parlon or saran


Make sure all ingredients are talcum-fine. Keep the aluminum mesh size very fine to keep color depth. Screen comp and mix very well. For cut stars, melt mix with straight acetone. Cut. Prime. If one wants to rock and roll add an extra 5% dextrin to comp and bind with water and 25% alcohol.

Substituting magnesium-aluminum, -200 mesh, for the aluminum gives the star deeper color and adds an interesting, slightly aqua appearance. Unique!

Norm writes: "If one has all ingredients in stock, what does one have to loose? If one likes star, maybe one name child, cat or dog after me. (Preferably child) If one don't like star, curse mother in-law with my name. What ever the case, may your heavens bear great green." --Norm

Norm is colorful, eh?

HG’s note: Although I haven’t tried it, I expect you could eliminate the acetone (and its problems) and make cut stars out of these by using Norm’s +5% dextrin variant.

To Try

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