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Pyro videos and suggestion (an APC based video series)


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So Mumbles posted something on Making videos and having our own Series and tutorials on pyrotechnics.

With the situation i'm in, i cant make videos of me making live material at our Club , so im stuck at home to do videos with not live material,

I was planning on doing some videos on , Tube rolling , Proper clove hitch tieing( yes there is a proper way to tie a clove hitch), Etc

So i would like to get a feel on what you guys would like to see and if you guys are up to contributing ,

The videos will be submitted and posted anonymously, so you dont have to worry about being tracked down by the FBI, ATF, Men in Black , CIA, Etc.....


Thanks and i hope we can get the ball rolling and produce some great content


P.S. we were also thinking of doing doing a detailed written tutorial to go with the video


Stay Safe and Stay Green



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For Tube rolling, an easy machine. If i can find the time i will send you a movie on steamed tubes
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