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Question about comp percent's


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I'm sorry if this seems like food feeding me but, on this site http://www.skylighter.com/fireworks/how-to-make/pumped-stars.asp it said that for D1 Glitter 53% kno3, 11% charcoal, 18% sulfur, 4% dextrin, 7% AL, 7% sodium bicarbonate down below. That part that confuses me is the amount of grams is different what does that mean.

Component Percent Factor 4 oz 115 g

Potassium nitrate 53% 0.53 2.1 oz 61 g

Sulfur 18% 0.18 0.7 oz 20.7 g

Charcoal, airfloat 11% 0.11 0.45 oz 12.7 g

Aluminum, atomized 7% 0.07 0.3 oz 8 g

Sodium bicarbonate 7% 0.07 0.3 oz 8 g

Dextrin 4% 0.04 0.15 4.6g

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I'm going to resist the urge to be smart here as I have a soft spot for those that actually are unlucky and have had a poor education or the teachers ignore you; if your being lazy so be it, some kids in the future can read this post and get something out of it.


Try getting a calculator and adding up all the grams. When you get that whole number divide it by each chemical percentage. This gives you the conversion from percentage to actual weight of desired comp you require.

So I want you to do me a favour.

If gun410 wanted to make 2.5 kilograms of D1 glitter, how much of each individual is required?

I want you to do this math on paper and take a photo, SHOW your working and the kind folks at APC or myself will mark it. Do your research and do some relevant practise math online. Don't ask us until you think you are correct.

It is an important skill that you must learn and your like a dog with a bone on these forums so your going to do it anyway. So you may as well learn how to so maths.




ps. Please stop posting in the pyrotechnics forum. This is 'Newbie' stuff, you will get a warmer response there I believe.

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Use any one method for measuring as it is.

You can weight your chemicals in grams,oz or simply in percentage.

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Ya I know that but can you use the same number of grams as the percent.

Sure. If your only doing batches in multiples of of 100 grams, 100 kilos, or 100 tons.

Formulas are generally given in % since this can be applied towards ANY end weight. Where as if you want to do 93 grams of composition, and your formula is in grams, you have to break it down to %, and recalculate how much you need of everything.


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