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Mint Berry Crrrunnnch!

flying fish

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Mint and Berry combined with a satisfying crunch.


Thanks to NHIL for filming this! Trees were in the way because it was one of the last shells fired and he filmed it on his way out. But on the plus side I can enter it as a "strobe effect" :D


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The magenta was a formula that I read on here a while ago. I honestly can't remember but I'll post it when I find it.

The green was the standard "emerald green" formula

The 4 farfalle inserts were made with green meal + 15% FeTi




I found the formula. From what I've read the formula is credited to Jim Freeman


Strontium Nitrate - 38
Potassium Perchlorate - 8
Parlon - 18
Magnalium - 12
Copper Carbonate - 10
Charcoal - 5
Sulfur - 5
Dextrin - 4

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Is NightHawk still around anymore? I haven't seen anything from him in quite some time.

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I think he still updates his youtube channel and I still run into him at pyro events but he hasn't built anything lately.

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