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4 th of July 2014 - Ball Shells and Canisters ( 4 videos)


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Hi All,
I was quite excited for my first 4th with my own shells and rockets, with our windy weather I had to change plans for safety and not launch as much as I had planed and when I had planed, oh well there is always a tomorrow. I had a nice 20 timed report in a 3 inch can, but video was off and missed most of it, report timing was ok, but not as good as some I have seen here in this forum !
Here are some of the nice ones with decent video, from 1.75 to 4 inch. ( my first 4 inch ball shell, Yeah I had to send that one, the brand new mortar had that nasty stinky plastic smell that I had to cover up ;)

this one had three color change stars red, white to blue all veline, no blind in between. the red just got really bright with the white behind and the blue were small at the end and sort of blended with the sky, it did look better than the video, but next time I will try the black layer and extend the white and blue burn times.



this was one of the 1.75 Canisters I sent up, kind of neat in that it was a verticle break, all I can figure was the sides were wrapped really well and it blew the top and bottom out for a straight / vertical break ( I put music in to cover the hecklers in the crowd.....)


nice violet round break with 3"commercial hemis



Great, solid, fat break !! on a 3 " round with Veline Green round stars

when I send up some of the others that were planned, I will hope to tape them and post!

Cheers ! Matt Edited by mkn
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Thank you ! Yes that one was sweet, The 4 inch was a lot of fun as well, wish it was not so windy that day.....as you can see the wind was sending after burn into the woods instead of the marshy beaver pond in front. It was interesting to see the effect the strong winds had, but we called it quits that day.

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