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Any Australians still hanging around in need of some chems?


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Hey guys,

I haven't been on the forum for a while, ( so if this is in the wrong section let me know and I'll amend it ASAP), and since then I've given up the hobby.

However, I've still got some chems left over from the old days, if anyone's interested in:

- Cheap sulfur (2 X 250g), diatomaceous earth (2 X 250g), potassium dichromate (5 X 100g), stearic acid ( 1lb), CMC (400g), lactose (250g), smoke dyes (500g ea. Red or Blue)

- Small amounts of dark al (150g), antimony trisulfide (250g)

- Or a reasonably priced amount of Potassium Chlorate (500g), Potassium Perchlorate (3 X 500g), Ammonium Perchlorate (500g ~40 mesh + a smidgen more airfloat) or Barium Nitrate (300g)

Give me a yell! I'll accept pretty much any reasonable offer, and if diverse or somewhere australian has it cheaper I'll beat it.

Cheers, Seb.

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