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Hardt Bright Streamer #1


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I am going to make a batch of Hardt Bright Streamer #1 stars and I have a few questions that I cannot find answers to. I have spent time researching this but have not found the answers to a few questions. Thanks in advance for any help!


Hardt Bright Streamer #1

KNO3 - 59%

Airfloat Charcoal - 18.5%

Sulfur - 7.5%

Al bright - 7.5%

Dextrin - 7.5%


Do I bind this with straight water or an alcohol/water mix?

Is this suitable for cut stars or is it similar to other glitter formulae in that it is sensitive to moisture?

Is a simple BP prime sufficient? I assume it is.

Any other important things to note from anyone who has made this composition before?


Again thank you in advance for any help with this.

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1) You can bind this stars with water.There is no need to use alcohol.

2) This formula is not particularly sensitive just like glitter stars is, add 1% boric acid.

you can make cut or pumped stars.

3) Black powder prime is sufficient.

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