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Shimizu Silver Wave B


P.Perchlorate 45

Aluminum (fine flake) 55




Though this is a star comp, it works fantastic for priming hard to light stars. I used dextrin instead of sgrs of the same weight and added the following;


Barium Nitrate 10

Parlon 7

Sulfur 6


This addition made it even easier to light. I coated pressed and pumped red 3/8 cylinder stars with about 1/16". I can light them with an incense stick. I also tested them by having a 1 gram pile of my granulated paulownia BP, set a star on top and lit with a fuse, when the bp goes the stars lite every time after 5 tests with both ruby red and hardt green #5. Just thought I'd share :)

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I'd say this composition is unsuitable for the job. Even with your modification.

A good prime should cover a large gap between low ignition and high burning temperature.

The Silver Wave will have very good capabilities in igniting anything, no doubt about that, but it is too hard to be lit itself.

And concerning your mod, the only thing that will really help is the sulphur. Instead of parlon I'd rather try something like red gum...



I prefer pinball prime with a little metal, it will light hardt green #5 (wich is a bitch to light, but one of the nicest greens i know...) reliable and ignites itself by a very thin greenmix dusting.

It also wont produce so much unwanted(?) light. Especially when you use silicon for the fuel.



Bear in mind that testing stars on the ground does not tell very much about their ignition while flying through the air.

Put your stars in a stargun with a strong liftcharge of your paulownia BP to shoot them with a good bang - what happens now?

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I tested both out of a 1/2" id convolute tube 8" long bonded to a small wood base and they all lit and did as expected. I did however, just to make sure, I spritz them with 90% alcohol and tossed them with my fffg bp to give them a rough texture but only enough to where I can still see the silver comp still. They lite so easy that I just barely brush them with with a flame. I lite them with an incense stick as well, just touching them with it and almost as soon as the hot cherry makes contact, burn baby burn lol. I'm not trying to brag, I'm just tickled that they are working this good with the silver wave. They are the best stars I have made yet.

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