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How to roll pyro-tubes


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Good catch! Fixed it to thousands. I didn't do any proofing on that yet, it's a raw article I just jotted down off the top of my head.


I use packing tape on the former to increase the OD and use a true 0.75" rod for subsequent layers.


No way I can or want to add a strip of paper to my method, these burned up hands cannot manage that.



Hey Dag, happy new year!

Glad the 50/50 glue is working well for you. I discovered the wickes wallpaper paste will mix with my high solids glue to produce a 39.5% glue which is more useful than 19%. I figure your paper must be 4 thou (0.004") thick cos 0.04" (1mm) would be more like cardboard which is tough to roll ;) Greaseproof / baking paper (0.02mm thick) is quite useful for increasing mandrel diameter by a fraction, paste the full sheet and stick a strip of the greasproof paper to the glue, it`ll hold while you roll but will come away as the tube dries. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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