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Pink Strobe Formula


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howdy all, its been a while.

I was wondering if anyone would like to share a pink, or pink strobe comp that they have tested preferably, or at least have seen.

The "better" half wants pink this year, and i see alot of posts elsewhere that pinks are all washed or to red. Anyone out there made Pink successfully?

If so, id like to also make a strobe.


*these will be rolled preferablly.

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So Far I Have Found:


Magenta / Pink

Strontium Nitrate - 38

Potassium Perchlorate - 8 = Or KNO3 - 8

Parlon - 18

Magnalium - 12

Copper Carbonate - 10

Charcoal - 5

Sulfur - 5

Dextrin - 4

Origin: Mumbles


Perhapse Someone Can Chime In On The Results

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kclo4 48

copper oxide 7

Strontium carbonate 11

red gum 10

parlon 12

MgAl (200mesh) 8





Buell pink.

Perc- 35

Potassium Nitrate - 11

Copper Oxide - 6

Strontium Carbonate - 11

-200 mesh MgAl - 14

Parlon - 13

Red Gum - 7

Dextrin - 5

102 total parts


the buell was recomended by mumbles and the other one i got off buss he said there is a you tube video i have not tried either but seen a vid of mumbles pink mine and they look good

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Thank you for the reply. i think ill try the buell pink.

hows the burn rate?

The MagAl makes me remember blue out of the veline color system – 3/8 hits the ground every time haha.

I wont have a spot for testing this year until the 4th, so ground and star gun is all i have before i paste.

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Just to clarify. The magenta formula you posted with potassium perchlorate is actually from Jim Freeman. He calls it purple or violet, but it's magenta in my eyes. I like it. With potassium nitrate instead, it might make a nice pink. I don't recall ever recommending that, but I'd be happy to take credit. :)


The "Buell Pink" is something I came up with based very loosely on Buell Red, substituting in other things for the strontium carbonate. The burn rate is pretty decent. A closely related formula that I use burns for about 1-1.5 seconds for 1/4" stars. The above star probably burns closer to 2 seconds.

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As for strobes, I have tried a bunch of Ammonium perchlorate formulas, and other than Orange, Pink came out second best.


The formula I had most success with was Meinhart Pink strobe


Ammonium perchlorate 57

MgAl 18 (skylighter says use - 200 mesh, I used -100)

Strontium sulfate 11

Strontium carbonate 8

Potassium dichromate 5

Parlon 4


As with the pink star formulas already posted, I think a good pink has some copper content, and is based on a reddish purple rather than a red. While I have not tried this modification, it could be possible to switch some of the Strontium carbonate with Copper carbonate without disrupting the strobe.

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The old formulas that used to be on United Nuclear had a pink. I think I had used it back in the day, and it was a nice hot pink, not too much like a magenta. I did make some pink, and I have no idea what formula it was, but those formulas would have been something I was working with at the time, and that is probably what I used. I don't have a copy of the formulas anymore, so I can't tell ya what they are.
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Cheap Pink colour star composition-



flake Al(extremely fine)-27


boric acid-2

needs hot prime to ignite stars successfully.

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Anyone who has seriously investigated pastel type colors will tell you that there is an enormous difference between a good pink, and a washed out red. I urge people to experiment and see what you like. I can speak from experience though that taking decent red formulas, and doing things to wash it out, is not a good way to get good pinks.
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