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My Own Streamer Comp. "PM's Streamer #1 "


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Ok, to make sure i don't make this too long i will shorten the story

So, I was in the "shop" making fountains. So being me i decided to mess around with some BP chemicals, i mixed a few different comps, (being stupid , i didn't write them down :( ) and the one that caught my eye was the one i added 80 mesh BBQ charcoal to, (BBQ charcoal was the only charcoal i had in 80 mesh ), the comp also had airfloat charcoal ( I used Red Cedar ) in it. when I lit the fountain it started out like a regular fountain, but then i noticed the charcoal ( i assume it was the 80 mesh charcoal ) had a nice look to it coming out of the fountain , kinda like a firefly,glittering type look to it ( i like to call it a flitter ) and I was like i need to make make these into stars.

When I made them into stars ( i used the leftover mix i used for the fountain ) they were nice and solid ( BTW i added 5 g of dextrin to the comp ). I have yet to put it in a 1.75" mine, but I have put them in a star gun and they look great. But since i didn't write the comp down i don't have the exact comp but this is what i think it was, (BTW i did ball mill the fountain mix, but i left out the 80 mesh )


I call the mix "PM's Streamer #1 "


Kno3- 45%

Charcoal(80 mesh)- 22.5% (Add after your done milling )

Charcoal(AirFloat)- 22.5%

Sulfur- 5%


ball mill time will vary, but a good estimate is about 5 hrs. (milling longer will make the burn rate faster, thus making the star faster )



I have yet to test it in a shell , so if you would like to make this comp, put it in a shell and post a video it would be appreciated :)


Anyways, hope you give it a try, i'll be shooting a shell with it in there in a few weeks, Need to find a day when it has rained, and time to go and fire it.




EDIT: BTW , This formula is up for modification, if you want to give any suggestions to the formula to make it better just Leave a comment here or PM me. :)

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that formula sounds very close to TT Star formula except charcoal type and mesh size.


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I know , but it wasnt meant to be a copy, just somthing i made,liked and decided to post :)
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Find a day when it rains? Here in Norway we fire whenever it doesn't rain :P


Anyway, it looks like a modified version of slow gold, without the Ti: http://web.archive.org/web/20101222004839/http://pyroguide.com/index.php?title=Slow_Gold


I looking forward to see it.

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yeah, i like it when it rains so if there is ash that falls, the ground won't instantaneously catch fire.

Im trying to create a unique star for the beginner, that s cheap , and effective, sometimes TT, and Crys. get boring and you want something different, thats what type of star i'm after :)

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You could try adding metals to streamers, c6 with 20% 60-300# mg/al is my personal favourite. The larger mg/al sizzles nicely when viewed up close in mines or fired as single comets.

Tt with that much mg/al is like flaming shit on you.


C6 with 10% less charcoal is also very nice, I've managed to get two different colours from this by changing the methods. Milled for a few hours gives a pale yellow/off white streamer. Screen mixing it gave more pink from the nitrate but the colour was pastel peach ( yellow, pink, white)


Or there's adding some ti to tt for a cheap and dirty brocade type effect.

Playing with the mesh of the metals and charcoal and changing milling times or just screen mixing can give a very large range of effects with just a few comps as bases.



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