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Flash powders


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Hello my fellow pyro mates my name is brightspark and i am hear to pick your brains on Flash Powder.


i have be playing around with black powder these last few months making what we call over hear in australia pipe bombs = large bungers


Now just so you know that i know how unstable this sustance can be the damages it can do if not handle correctly and that if the police find out that i have any of these im screwed .


so i no you can make this stuff out of potassium chloride but is not a stable substance and id like to stay away from it until i become proficant with the techniques used and alot better understanding of the storage of this sustance. i understand that potassium perchlride is better you use for this mix but you can use nitrates but are not as effective


as im expecting you guys to be experianced in this i am going to ask you to tell me what i should be working with as im an appretise to this powder


id like to know the techniques to use

how to store it

safty precaustions

and how i can use it to make bungers and other explosive things



I dont not need a lecture on how dangerous this is because if i didnt no i wound be hear asking you the RIGHT way to do this .


thank you for your time and information

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Troll or just ignorant?



You have demonstrated that you are nowhere near experienced enough to handle flash. Please stick around to read and learn so you don't lose an arm.


Quit making pipe bombs. Those aren't fireworks, and only give our legitimate hobby a black eye.


The right way involves proper grammer and strict adherence to safety protocol, as well as a basic understanding of fireworks.

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What kind of black powder have you made? The reason I ask is because if you have made say corned powder you must know a desent amount about it, however if you have just made green mix then your pretty new to this hole thing.

Like pyrokid said stay away from pipe bombs.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I do think your not ready for flash powder; however I'm not a pro in pyrotechnics by any means and I haven't made flash powder so I can't really help you with it.


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No one with a brain in their head should even consider helping you with this. Take a step back and keep reading. Also, for future reference asking about pipe bombs again is a fast way to get yourself banned.
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