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Help with law and regulation about movie pyrotechnics in UK/EU?


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I'm currently searching for a detailed explanation of every helpful information about theatrical effects ( I assume it's in the movies category).


My primary questions are:


How are the theatrical effects considered like, class, category? T1, T2? What safety rules and regulations apply to them? What kind of license is needed?


Very important - and explanation about the T1 and T2 class - maximum explosive content, full description, limits.


Many thanks!

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So there's no chance for a detailed explanation running freely in the net? What I want to do, is to compare with our national regulation.


I am really curious about:


Class T1 and T2 (theatrical pyrotechnics) - properties. What kind of devices can be called T2, what of them cannot be considered T2? For example type of composition, content, charge, ignition.


I am also searching for an official document that confirms T1 and T2 are considered theatrical pyrotechnic devices and not industrial high explosives. Also a full explanation about working with T1 and T2 - safety distances, protection equipment, personel qualification, etc.

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Hi there,

I'm a little confuse about the pyro classifications too...

In Romania ( like all UE) the classifications are these:


T1, T2 P1, P2

Class 1 means everything which contains less than 3 grams of " pyrotechnic composition"

Also here is illegal to have, prepare or light any firecracker even if it has 0,1 grams of pyro mixture

But for T1, T2 and P1, P2 I don't understand them.

From what I talked to a licensed pyrotechnician T1 and T2 means Technical not Theatrical ( maybe he's wrong).

He told me for example the car airbag is actioned by a pyrotechnic device and is considered T1 class

So for what I understand we are only allowed to use mini bengal lights, sparklers and mini fountains ( <3 grams)

P.S. On many pyro sites they sell " football flares" or "marine flares" and they don't say its class.

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The T-Classes are technical classes.


T1 are the bigger ones, which are also allowed to contain flash

T2 Smaller ones, no flash. Allways having Fuse or E-Match (T1 e.g. can be the old bird bangers)



Are classes, which are subject to country laws.

The main difference is, how much composition they are allowed to contain (Over whole device, max weight of a single effect, Flash y/n max per device/effect) and when they are allowed to be sold.

Class 4 is everything which is untested or do not fit into the other classes e.G. Ball shells, as they are considered as single effects not a whole device (you have to load them before they can be fired).

These class is even subject to country laws (what, how much).

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