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Infrared thermometers on sale


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I'm not sure how useful these would be, but I'm thinking of one giving you a number that you could plug into a chem formula to see how efficient your last mix did and maybe help tweak it.


Exactly how hot do fireworks burn? w/ it's 1022 F max it's going to be worthless for looking at thermite and possibly anything with a burning metal component. Has anyone seen a chart of temps for various fireworks?


Infrared Thermometer


A nice little non-contact thermometer with laser to pinpoint your target area. Use to take quick and accurate temperature readings in a fraction of the time of a traditional thermometer. In the lab, shop, or around home measure the temperature of fish tanks, hot engines, electrical connections, food products and much more. This thermometer features:


Measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Measuring range -50 to 550 C / -58 to 1022 F

Accurate to +/- 1.5 C

Laser Pointer

Backlight display

Uses on standard 9v battery, included

Save 40%:


Regular Price $45.95

Sale Price $27.95




Save 40% on this no contact infrared thermometer. Great for measuring temperature of most anything. Just point the laser & pull the trigger for an accurate measurement. Measuring range from -50 to 550 C / -58 to 1022 F.



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