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Where ya from?


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Ok, so while sitting around, making a few fountains with spare casings left around, I noticed the distinct sound of backyard fireworks in the background, clearly just down my street, and it made me think 'just how close could some of us live by each other, with out even noticing..'

So Where else better to ask that, than here :) (hopefully the right section)


So the question is, where are you located and who do you know around you :P


I live in perth, Australia, Mullaloo to be exact, and don't really know anyone from APC close to me.

Wouldn't mind meeting some of you perthian pyroholics sometime though!

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I've known half a dozen pyros in Perth to varying degrees over the last decade. You are not alone.


We don't have a huge pyro community down under, so I personally consider anyone in New Zealand or Australia to be local. After all, I still believe Australia's offer for new Zealand to be the sixth state is still valid.


However I do know that many people, especially so in that big tinderbox you live in where fireworks are almost completely banned, have made the call to lay low and hide their identities. If you are breaking the law, you could be sensible to not advertise your location from those who may object. Similarly, if you hag around on the online pyro world long enough you keep coming across cases where people get taken down by other pyros stupidity or bad luck. If you network with someone, share contact details, send texts and help each other get set up, they can become a liability.


I'd say there are probably ten or so Pyros active in WA. You might hear from a few of them in a while if you hang around here long enough and get trusted, but the lurkers will keep on lurking.


Without dropping names I either know personally or have some kind of contact with about a dozen somewhat serious pyros in New Zealand. I'd say there are a dozen more. Perhaps half are on this forum, though mainly lurking.

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