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Hi all


I`ve seen a few videos about these wonderful peaces of pyrotechnics now, and I wonder why there aren`t more threads in this forum?

I will build one of those soon, I know the basic structure of a Girandola but it would be quite a damage If it won`t work well.

I plan to use 6 15mm endburners on my Girandola, 2 slow burning for a little spin before the starts, maybe in half burn time, the 4 lifting motors start to lift my Girandola hopefully enough high in the air.

They will be arranged to get a little more spin to the Girandola, like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMAVQRYEePo


What do you think about it? Is there a high chance to fail, maybe a poorly designed launch pad could cause a failure?

How long should the launch stick be?


I hope some of you have built Girandolas yet, there are a few quite impressing videos on Youtube...



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Make sure you use good materials (e.g Aluminum Foil) so as not to passfire everything if you are going for multiple stages...drivers...headers...reports.


My first advanced multi-stage (see profile pic) was going up real fast and real nice and then everything passed fire and went BOOM!


Yes it was in front of a Grandmaster/Ned and yes he sure got a kick out of it while I was a bit embarrassed. I have the vid somewhere and can send it to you to review. The best part was watching it in slo-mo after partaking in the fun while it lasted :P

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Hoppy, the Slayer 'dola sure was entertaining. Let's do it again.
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