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I Need some rocket tooling! :)


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Ive been visiting the forum for some time, just now got the courage to sign up


Im pretty much looking for a set of tools the perfect nozzle plans made by nichopulse to be precise. Ive seen some members offer tools here before. I need the older version of them not the new pvc tube plans. Id like to make them out of paper tubes 3/4" x 6" x 3/32" and 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 3/32" to be exact. There cheap so yeah also the plans speak of these type of tubes.


I have the plans I will upload them to this post.


I want to use the dry rammed sugar and kno3 propellant. No others for now so what ever kit you guys recommend must work with this type of propellant at least.


Can someone offer a price to make the kit for me? Or point me to a similar kit.

What im trying to accomplish is to start of making bottle rockets and as I get better upgrade to small model rockets using these engines. So maybe 3 to 4 inch motors to start and then 5 to 6 inch motors as i get better. (parachutes etc)


I figure the tools must need different coring lengths for longer or shorter engines!! Im not asking for a custom kit but one that can accommodate these feature for me. Help me out with small engines at first then larger ones. I know they sell universal kits but they are expensive and I only want to stick with kno3 and sugar propellant (not the cooked r candy)


The tubes i will use dont have to exactly be the ones i mentioned above but I will need similar sort of cost effective/cheap tubes to use with what ever kit some one recommends or offers. So I would need to know where to get them.


So if someone with experience can shoot me a price to make the perfect nozzle tools I want to use (the fixture base in the plans can be for 1 or 2 holes instead of the 10 shown ) . Or if you have a good kit that can serve the same purpose tell me the cost etc. I am located in Tx. Thank you guys for your help. Sorry that this is so long.

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I can turn you up one on the lathe but it will be a single with a round base plate pm me about the price. Also I can keep it on the cheap If you like and use as much stuff as I have laying around.
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you can get tooling kits from www.fireworktools.com they have 4 oz and 1 lb

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