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the quest for 8"stutatas


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I am trying to master the stutata type of shell.They come both as canister types or round ones. I like building the round ones.


The stutata shell is basically a low breaking shell of shells. The mothershell is timed to go off in about 1 second after liftoff. For a standard shell of shells I normally use a 2 second delay.

These type of shells are very spectacular. It is important not to use too much lift.


I have been making quite a few of these lately. I have experimented with different timings. 8"is my preferred caliber for these type of shells. 14x2.5"insert fit in these ballshells just nicely . I've also build loads of 6"sos and stutatas, this calibre works nicely too.


When shooting these shells I used to overlift them quite a bit. This is more of a psychological issue for me. These shells are large, so I tend to overlift them . But I have noticed it is

best to view them as 2.5"shells instead of 8"ers. . They should not be shot too high, 60/70 meters is high enough for my taste.




Last NYE I'd made a whole bunch of these stutata (studata??) type of shells, in calibers 6 and 8". Only once a year I make salutes+salute inserts, so I experimented with these type of inserts for NYE.

My main issue with these shells were that they went far too high. For timing I relied on 6 mm bickford timefuse with a crossmatch. Although this method ensures 100% ignition , there was a slight delay caused

by the crossmatch, and this interfered with my preferred timings.




I've recently shot these stutata 8"ers. This time I'd used 10mm monetti timefuse. This timefuse is very superior to bickford timefuse. I view it as spolettes on a roll. No priming is necessary, although I

did tape some 5 strains of blackmatch over de timefuse just to be sure. I experimented with insert timings, but personally I like the inserts to go off all at once as oppposed to a more intervallic cadence.




I liked the timing of this stutata. Just a short piece of 12 mm timefuse. Please ignore the comet( too long) , it was a stupid decision of me to add one. I was standing relatively close to the mortar, and the effect was extremely spectacular. A big cloud of inserts completely surrounds you for a short moment...I love these type of shells...

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Very nice, thank you for sharing. Now if only I had the time for 2-2.5" inserts I do see a few 6 & 8" hemis nearby that I would donate to making a 'stutata'
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Nice shells! I am happy that you are getting into studata type shells. I shot a pair in competition at PGI this past summer, which were inspired by the shell at 21:13 in this video:



I like the inserts to have several timings, creating a nice rhythm as the shell cycles. I use the "top hat" method of priming my time fuse which has given me pretty snappy timing.


I just might have a small studata prepared for a club shoot next weekend. :)




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Verry cool, defenitly something to add to my to do list, I like those seperate "cluster timings" alot, and these have a perfect height imho.

Forgot to mention that last 5" collorchancing, good combination.

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#a_bab: the inserts are round ones indeed.


#burning rnx: thank's for your comments. To be honest, I like the all-at-once timing the best, this gives the most spectacular effect and can be observed a lot in commercial stutatas.


I seem to have accidentily deleted my youtube uploads, I'll see if I can put them up again once I get home.


#wonderboy: very nice shell indeed, although it does seem to go quite high.


Again...these type of shells need to be timed short . It goes against ones natural inclination to shoot these football sized shells high , but they do work nicely at low altitudes.


I w

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Nice shells! I can understand your idea of breaking them low, so the effect is closer, but I'm not sure that's the route I will go. My 8" was in competition and I'm sure they wouldn't like it broke low, likely to deduct points. I also like to see to full effect as one when it's up in the air. Although a shell of salutes broke low would be a nice effect.


A 6" Ball of Doom


My 8" SOS

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#psycho: yeah baby!!nice shells. I understand what you are saying about not being able to apreciate the full effect when it goes of low.


But that's the point with studata's, you should be a bit close. When viewed up close and personal, it is a truly magnificent experience to be completely surrounded by exploding inserts.


Ok, I ve upload the clips to my youtube again..me and my big clumsy fingers... :(



these shell of shells were shot a bit high...personally I like them low, and with all-at-once timings for the inserts. But it is just a matter of personal preference.



14 mm delay...



I liked this one the best..I was standing relatively close to the mortar, it just seemed like the sky exploded when the mothershell went off...


It's so much work for just a couple of seconds ,but I love these type of shells...

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Fred, those Stutata Lampi shells (multi salute) are awesome. Also, a job well done on all of your shells.
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