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My new years eve rockets!


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Finally i got my video from new years eve.


All rockets, accept the first, were 1" endburner with 3" zylindrical shells. The first was a 20 mm endurner with an attached 3" ballshell. The effects itself weighted 170 - 190 g and were filled with 16 mm pumped stars and 6 mm rolled stars as pistil.

The break could still be a bit harder.


Effects as seen in the video:


- green Ballshell

- Ti-willow (2 g whistle booster)

- Ti-willow (2 g flash booster)

- multicolour with Ti rising effect (cato)

- indigo blue with silver flitter pistil

- gold glitter with green pistil

- silver flitter with green pistil

- yellow with with silver flitter pistil

- flash inserts with green pistil

- 6" stutata with 10 gold glitter inserts



Link: http://pyrobin.com/files/New%20Year%202012_2013.mp4

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Great job . It has given me a few new ideas to try . :D
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A long time passed since I last uploaded a video. In the meantime I improved my rocket motors and tried different designs for the headers. I am very pleased with the results. Some informations on the rocktes:


- 24mm Endburner with black powder + 2% gaphite and C6 delay

- 65mm zylinder shell for effect


1) gold glitter with purple pistil

2) gold glitter with blue pistil (the camera did not catch the blue color)

3) brocade to white strobe tip mixed with purple stars

4) white strobe



Thanks for watching :).

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Those look fantastic! Do you mind sharing the size/details(pumped, rolled, etc) of the stars used in the 65mm shells? They show up really well and nice full break.

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Sehr schöne Raketen :-)

Steh auch total auf Endburner :D


Pssst...Amtssprache hier ist Englisch :D ! Aber danke :).


I try to bear in mind to take pictures next time! The glitter are 16mm pumped stars. The colors and strobe are just plain cut stars with around 7-8mm and the brocade to strobe are 10mm rolled on cut star strobe cores (~3mm). The burst is always slow flash without any extra bad. Just poured the flash on the stars. The pumped stars of course sorted to circles. With 63mm ID 9 stars give a nice ring without any spacers needed.

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Very nice rockets! can you give some information regarding the shell? amount of flash and type and turns of paper?

Thank you!

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