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Christians Easy Yellow

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Posted 29 January 2006 - 11:55 AM


Name of composition: Christians Easy Yellow
Composition Type: Star
Creator: Me, that i am aware of.
Color/Effect: Produces a relatively long burning bright yellow.
The Composition: Sodium Nitrate 75, 'Slowburning' Charcoal 20, Dextrin 5
Any Precautions/Incompatabilities: None known

Produced by Ballmilling content approx 5 hours. Milling should produce a very fine BLACK powder, with a consistency close to BP. After milling, bind with water and produce as cut star. Do not overwet the composition since the drying is going to take a very long time. Use as little water as possible.

Also notice that you shouldn't use very high quality charcoal, since it will significantly increase the burning speed. Recommended type is commercial (clay-bound) charcoal.

Will post pics very soon.



It's basicly just modified BP
Onlt you use NaNO3 instead of KNO3, wich make the yellow color.



I'd say it's pretty far from BP. It behaves very different from BP, much because of different type of charcoal. Also, it doesn't produce any charcoal-sparks and the color is solid yellow, not goldish like typical charcoal compounds. I guess it's like saying 'Tigertails' comp is modified BP?



Well TT is actually a modified BP. However this star is not. Doesn't use the same chems at all.....only thing similar to proper BP is the sulfur. It is probably a nice Yellow. I would try it if I liked yellow or if i had any NaNO3.



Hey, freak, what are you thinking?

"only thing similar to proper BP is the sulfur"

This comp doesn't contain sulfur!

BTW, isn't NaNO3`s hygroscopisity a problem?



"BTW, isn't NaNO3`s hygroscopisity a problem?"

Don't know yet. Time will show. NaNO3 is known for being really hygroscopoic. I had my suspicions about using water as binding component, but it worked out ok.



Wow....sry for the misunderstanding in my post....i have been having a difficult time lately and just cant concentrate much on anything....to be accurate....that formula has no similarities at all to BP....



I use NaNO3 is stars and it being hydroscopic hasn't been a problem with stars. I even use water to bind them. It just makes it burn slower when it gets a little damp but that is ok for stars. For practically everything else NaNO3 is a problem like in BP. I only use this stuff for stars and it does make a nicer yellow color.



Heres a yellow star comp that I use which IS a modification of blackpowder.

Potassium Nitrate 69
Sulfur 22
Charcoal 14

I also like to use poor quality charcoal or just plain coal, Its saves wasting my good willow and and gives a better affect in the end. I may have some pictures of a starmine with these in it soon...

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