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Forum Rules - READ FIRST!


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Read and learn the rules before posting in the forum. Following the rules will ensure civil, and productive discussion. Violation of rules will result in a warning, temporary, or permanent ban, which is up to the Admins and Mods to decide.


1. Search before asking a question. This means search this forum, other forums, google and so on. The forum is here to help you, but it helps those that help themselves, and finding and reading it yourself can be the best way to learn. Asking questions that have already been answered will lead to the thread being locked. Read all sticky threads in each section before posting, they are at the top for a reason.


2. When starting a new thread, be sure you are putting it in the correct section. Don’t ask, “how do I make black powder” in the High Explosives section because not only can you find the answer yourself very quickly if you look, but it belongs in the Pyrotechnics section. If you aren’t sure where a thread belongs, or it is a basic/beginner question, put it in the Newbie Section, or ask a mod. Threads in the wrong place will be either locked or moved, depending on the content and its usefulness.


3. Minor things that do not warrant a new thread should go in the “random thread” in the General Discussion section. Do not start "Hi! I'm new here!" type threads, they will be locked.


4. When naming a thread you start, make it reasonably descriptive so people know what it is about. Do not make your subject “question” or “Urgent! I need help!” Do not use caps lock in either the subject or body text, IT IS HARDER TO READ and is the online equivalent of shouting.


5. Do not overuse the larger font sizes, colors, or other effects. They rarely serve a purpose and are usually just annoying. Scrolling text is particularly annoying.


6. Use proper English. Capitalize the beginning of sentences, use correct punctuation, use full words (“you,” not “u,” “two/too/to,”, not “2,” and so on). The most important thing is that it can be read and understood. If you take the extra 2 minutes to look over your post, you can save yourself a warning or two. Hint: Run your post through a word editor's spelling check and it will catch almost everything, except maybe chemical formulas and mistakes in nomenclature. Perfect grammar is not necessary. As long as your post is readable, and it isn’t an eye sore to read due to lack of one of the above fields, there is a good chance you will remain warningless due to english skills.


7. Do not uselessly flame others, do not spam (post unsolicited ads), do not flood (repeated garbage posting), do not "post-wh*re (posting when you have nothing to say or to simply raise your post count). Do not post personal information on yourself or others. Do not post p*rnography or other innapropriate/stupid images. Do not post those dumb eBaums pictures or similar garbage, no matter how clever you think you are. Do not bring up old threads unless you have something useful to contribute to the discussion. Do not make one word posts. We realise you may want to thank someone for their info, but it takes up board space. If you feel the need to thank somebody, make it on your next usefull post. We reserve the right to remove useless or unneccesary posts.


8. When posting images, linking to them is preferable so the page loads faster. Keep images sizes down, don’t use a 200KB, 1024x768 pixel image when a 20KB, 200x150 pixel image will do. When saving images to the forum hosting, make it be worth while. We have a limited amount of storage space, and useless things will be deleted regularly. Do not store avatars, or personal pictures here. Diagrams, tables, and schematics are best suited for the forum storage.


9. This forum is for discussion of pyrotechnics mainly. Please do not use it solely to try to further your commercial ventures, whether related or not to the subject matter.


10. This forum is for intelligent discussion of pyrotechnics, chemistry and related topics. It is NOT for illegal activities, violence and destruction. Do not post material from the Anarchist's Cookbook or other such materials. We will not teach you how to "blow **** up". If that is all you're interested in, you will save your time and look elsewhere. Those simply here to try to learn how to make salutes and other similar devices should save the moderators the trouble of banning them, and simply leave. Discussion of salutes, flash powder, and other similar topics is discouraged and may only be done in the most intelligent of manners. Those not abiding, are not welcome here.


11. Signatures are allowed, but text only, with a three line maximum. You cannot not use your signature for attacks on others, or offensive comments. Avatars should be of a reasonable file size (under 30k) so they load quickly and animation is not allowed. Do not sign your posts, your username is in the top left corner of your post so we already know the author. The text under your avatar must also be short and appropriate.


12. Post true and accurate information to the best of you ability. We understand no one can be right all the time, but do not deliberatly spread false information. Post references when applicable. Doing so may cause all of your posts to be reviewed before they show up.


13. Admins and Mods have the right to take any action they see fit to ensure the forum runs smoothly. Just because is something not specifically mentioned on this list, does not mean it is allowed, Admins and Mods have the power to use their judgment in handing a situation.


14. If you have any problems, questions, comments, or whatever about the forum, post them in the Forum Issues section or if you wish, use the Private Message feature to send a message to a moderator or administrator. If you have issues with how this forum is run, feel free to let us know, just make sure it is done in a reasonable and intelligent matter and it will be considered.


15. Treat everyone with respect. Please understand that people have different ideas and methods. There is more than one way to do things. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, please be respectful of them. Racial slurs and other offensive or hateful remarks will not be tolerated.


16. Finally, have fun and be safe!




MOD EDIT: Removed vulgar words, and masked questionable ones,

that are preventing some members from viewing the rules due

to parental controls and filters.


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At least you punctuated the sentence correctly, though you misspelled grammar and aren't.


You're more than understandable. You should see what people try to pass off as English occasionally.



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LOL. At least we can understand WTF you're saying. We're not the grammar rodeo here; if you make a decent attempt at constructing a logical thought and presenting it in a coherent way you're not likely to have any trouble. What taxes the collective nerve of the community is the guy who starts a new thread like:


hi dudz, my name iz bomz and im a exelant chemist and i wondar if u can tell me whatz a "oxidixizer?"


That sort of stupidity will irk the collective soul of the Forum and incur some rather rude comments from, well, me as well as others. If you happen to make a syntax error, or forget the occasional capitalization then no harm done. Welcome to the Forum.

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Since it seems that the rules thread is the only thread the spammers can target anymore, I have locked it from further posting. If you have any comments or suggestions on them feel free to contact an Admin, or start a new thread in this section.
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