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Orange Rain

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Posted 22 January 2006 - 05:44 PM


Name of composition: Orange Rain
Composition Type: Star, could be used as a fountain I guess
Creator: Ohnosi
Color/Effect: Orange with big, long lasting sparks that rain down (tried one just now in a star gun and had to run for cover)
The Composition (for a 50g batch): 27.5g KNO3/4g sulfur/5g airfloat charcoal (willow is what I used)/13.5g COARSE ( from I guess 70 mesh to 1mm chunks were what I used, just a chunk of charcoal in the mortar and pestle for not very long) pine charcoal
Any Precautions/Incompatabilities: Make sure there's nothing around to catch fire and...um...keep away from chlorates?
Precedure/Preparation: Wet with 75/25 water/alcohol mix and cut into about 1.5 cm X 1.5cm X 1cm squares, I haven't tried rolled or pumped

I am unable to get a picture/video at this time, once I do I'll post it here.



I could be wrong but I think you stole that from teknix.



If it is the same composition then that's a crappy, and rather uncanny, coincidence =/. I'll add his name if it's the same or very close.

Edit: Okay well I checked his site and the names may be similar, as he calls his gold and silver rain, but his composition isn't too similar. Teknix if you feel this is a travesty then PM me about it please! I didn't try to "steal" anything.
Gold and Silver Rain:

Potassium Nitrate 60

Sulfur 6

Charcoal 39


Poor Man:

I accidentally remade a comp also. I was experimenting with white stars made from BP, KNO3 and sulfur, only to find out the comp I made was only a few percent off another, existing comp



It's not that similar. I could care less about the composition. My comp is just a modified version of another existing comp by Weingart if I remember correctly.



Just adding a rather sketchy video of the star, it at least lets you get an idea of the effect created. This is a one cm cube star in a star gun with rice hull lift.


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