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Miech Red Torch

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Posted 26 February 2008 - 10:32 AM

Name of composition: Miech Red Torch
Composition Type: Red Torch
Creator: Miech
Color/Effect: Produces deep red flame when used as torch
The Composition: (by weight)

75 KClO3
25 Sugar
15 SrCO3
10 Parlon

Any Precautions/Incompatabilities:
Incompatible with sulfur, sulphides, sulphates and ammonium compounds due to high chlorate content. Do NOT ram into a tube, it might explode! Can be sensitive to friction, impact and shock such as most chlorate compositions are.

Grind the chemicals into powder, mortar and pestle work well enough. Always grind oxidizers separately from combustants and colorants. Mix carefully and press into a tube. Some acetone can be added if a more cohesive mass is wanted/required, since it partly dissolves the parlon. It ignites readely from a piece of visco, for other applications priming probably won't be nesescairy as well.

For best results a non burning type of tube is preferred, such as aluminium or sodium silicate dipped cardboard tube. This composition was tested in an 12 mm ID tube, an amount of 5 grams burned in approximately 6 seconds, yielding an 8 cm flame. Substituting BaCO3 for strontium carbonate doesn't always give a nice green with this formula, altering the amount of parlon might be nesescairy.
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