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Hey guys. I'm alive. Still have all digits, and haven't died. Did have a kid though.


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Howdy yall. Couldn't recover my account. I don't know if any of you are left from when I used to be active, but Hiya to everyone that remembers me as Twotails. Sidewinder I see your still here and kicking. I got a kiddo now. Anywho.


I'm back, already got  some powder going for some high altitude attempts, solid cored. Haven't broken out the composite propellant yet lol.

Don't do much HE any more, although now my brother in laws a local FF, I got a pit to test things out better than the last and safely.  Way better than the old range.


Anyway, not much has changed, going to pump some 3inch comets, prep some bombetts and might start pressing the engine. 


Quite a bit has changed I'm sure since I logged last in, and so many years have past most of a archived posts of mine, skill wise are irrelevant. I did however I think lose 99% of my formula, HE and info on my storage, unless I can recover it from a hard drive, had like 2tb of fireworks info 😅 


Anyways, alot has changed for me as well, parents divorced so I had no time for pyrotechnics, packed my workshop up (lost some things I'm sure, managed to save 97% of my chemicals. I have some unobtaniums now wow! Still got that like 6 or 800 ft of visco from PGI untouched! Got that at a steal compared to what I see now!)

I'm sure I'll catch up eventually. Nice to see who's still around that remembers me. Even if I was a idiot. I managed to keep all my fingers and only lost a eyebrow once. Yall kept me safe with good knowledge.


Hope your all doing well.



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Wow, blast from the past.

Your account is still there, but I'm guessing you don't have access to the email address that it was using? (it was of the format xxx.xxx.xxx@gmail.com)

I can change that and get the account back. Considering how old it is, I assume you'd want that.

Want me to just swap the emails for this account and your original? (You'll lose this new account but so what, it has only one post.)

Other action?

(PM me with your decision, please, we'll keep that part private.)

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Thanks sidewinder, feels good to have my account back. Had some extreamly old DMs from 2011/12 in there, woah blast from the past.

I helped my mom through a crazy divorce, put away Pyro for years (OH don't you worry, picked up Radioactive Chemistry in that time period. Glassworking(lampwork) high altitude rockets and moved twice, multiple deaths in family ect) 

When I moved last time, I was able to save probably 90% of my chemicals and unobtanium, and probably half my paper products. Some supplies got lost but hey. That Turbo Pyro from Harry Guillaume over at Skylighter before it changed hands was almost fully intact, I had JUST ordered it and a bunch of tunes before I stopped. Tubes I think are MIA. and that sucks. I had THOUSANDS of diffrent ones...now I'm down to probably..well still thousands, but less lol.... I wasent addicted to sales.... you were.....


And now we just welcomed our first baby girl after 4 tragic miscarriages. My first partner I had been with ended up getting diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, the meds fixed them but left them as my newly adopted "son" (he's got a mentality of 9 to 12yo, but me and my spouse take care of him and my sis. 


Man alot of shit went down. Almost nothing good. Finally after hitting rock bottom (a care facility killed my mom with a OD) almost dieing myself (2020, major heart attack or blockage due to covid. Quick thinking I tossed myself down the staircase and smacked my chest just right and hard enough I restarted it. Lol I'm good with dieing, that Icy cold feeling creeping though your veins as your blood stops freaked me the hell out.


But now things seem good, been playing with making some go-getters, rockets. Found some mini bombette shells, little tiny micro guys, planning to do some MOS. 


But anyways. More happened in the last 10 years than anything I could have thought.  Just as I was able to stand, knocked down each time. Well, I'm not dead yet(he a hernia, but another story for another time)


Hopfully will see some Gerbs, rockets and maby some shells outt Me soon. Other half dosent understand the concept, she's like "can't we just go buy them" watched me mix up some things the other night and went "o.o it worked" so stay tuned lol I've got only like what.... 10 years of APC forum posts to scour? XD


Idk if many else are left that remrmber me but. Don't be a stranger.

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Jeebus.  That’s a helluva stretch there. Ain’t no one had a bowl of cherries thru the last several shit years i’m sure, but CRAP.


Good to see ya, and take it easy!

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