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Aluminum and Lead tetroxide


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Hello, I just joined this forum.
In Bulgaria, it is popular to make small 'bombs' by mixing Aluminum, Lead tetroxide, and some stones and wrapping them with paper and electrical tape. it is usually done on football matches, but I am concerned that Lead tetroxide is very toxic. Is it a threat to nature? Also, will it be possible to create a termite reaction with another oxide for example Copper oxide? And I see that I ca not download any files, is it because I just created my profile?

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What you are describing is not pyrotechnics (and that's a dangerous mixture, not just for the lead concern).

This is a subject that might be allowed in our High Explosives section, but please note that section is restricted to well-vetted members of the site. 

Please do not discuss this further, but if you have legitimate pyrotechnic interests, please do join the discussions here.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(And now that you are a full member you should be able to download things.)

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