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My black powder is so slow


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So i decided to make black powder with this guide 

 and i used yara krista k plus as my kno3 and birch charcoal. Both were grinded with a mortar and pestle i let it dry inside for 3 days and used the 70/30 ratio without sulfur. Any ideas? 

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First of all video is weired.

As a guide this video is unsafe they are working with naked flame and fire.

Secondly type of charcoal affects a lot while preparing black powder and third thing is formula it lacks sulphur , sulphur is important for burning black powder fast ( though sulphurless bp is also exist but it need to be milled pretty well)

Why dont to use standard Bp formula kno3 /charcoal / sulphur 75/15/10 ratio?

There are million posts/videos/literature available everywhere regarding how to make black powder, switch there insted of following this video.

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