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Crosette tool question


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Hi guys I just bought a crosette pump and I think it was not made correctly because the delay is only about 3 to 4 millimeters thick. My question is am I doing something wrong so here’s what I do. I pull and rotate the rammer of the tool into the loading position then I push the tool into my star comp a couple of times until I can’t get any more comp into the tool, the I rotate the rammer of the tool into the other direction so the long channel in the tube of the tool is underneath the pin on the rammer the I compress the comp and remove the crosette. I think that the position that I refere to as the loading position isn’t the position for loading but the stop that the pin hits so you can cut your crosette too the right size could that be possible?


So that is the position I use for loading .


But I kinda think that I load it in that position than I turn the rammer so the pin on the side of the rammer is over the channel an then I press the crosette after that I push the pin down as far as it will go ( as soon as the pin hits the horizontal part of the channel) then I cut of the access and then I turn the rammer one more time so the pin is above the long channel so I can push out the crosette fully and remove it.

If I do it that way the delay would be about 7 millimeters/ 0.28inches. Does this seem right ? 

so what do you think ?

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0.28" delay seems kind of long, but they are typically made with decent burn speed charcoal comps.  Either way, you'll have to test for timing. I'd think consistency would be more important to get right first, then you could always hand drill out the pin hole to decrease timing.  

I don't have a crossettes tool like yours, but if I did, I'd assume it hand loaded then pressed till the pin touched the top of the pressing sleeve.  The first stop would be to trim the crossettes to the same delay height, the deepest would obviously be to remove the crossettes.  Again, after you get your process consistent, you can then use a drill bit to hand spin and remove additional comp from the pin hole (pref with a drill press so you can use the depth stop).  


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