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UK - shell/casing identification sought!


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Hi, hoping anyone UK based can help with information regarding this - what I assume is a rocket casing?

It's approx 15 cm long translucent plastic tube, with thick walls. It was heavy enough to break the windscreen of our car!

Is this normal for domestic fireworks in the UK these days? This came from our neighbour, I'm guessing not Cat2 - the display was impressive! 

Not set off fireworks ourselves in a long time, they always used to be cardboard construction, but this is a lot more sturdy (which explains the damage). Seems dangerous if it were to land on a person?

We're just curious now. I'm guessing it wasn't purchased at a supermarket... and probably shouldn't have been launched from standard sized garden. The bloke is too thick to have made it himself, that's for sure... Anyone want to speculate what it might once have been? Apologies that there's no other photos of the packaging - he destroyed the rest of the evidence pdq once we'd contacted him.

WhatsApp Image -Shell.jpg

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