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Handmade Slow Fuse Formula


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Visco fuse is not available at my location, so I have been using handmade fuse made with 75-15-10 ratio. But it was so fast that I had to ran as if I was in death threat.

Problem is over with this handmade slow fuse formula. Festive season is over and now it's humid, so I cant demonstrate the burn rate. But someone can try & post the result.






It's really slow.

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What is the purpose of barium nitrate here?

To slow down burn rate you may need to change fuel to oxidizer ratio.

Kno3 6000

Sulphur 2000

Charcoal 2000

This will burn slower than standard 75/15/10 mixture.

Thank you.

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Wasn't Glusatz  (I think it's spelled) similar to the OP formula?  I'm pretty sure it's been posted a couple times and it had Barium Nitrate as the oxidizer.  I don't know how similar it was, but that's what comes to mind for me.

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Traduce mi idioma con Google. Ya que hay compañeros pirotécnicos de este foro que me discriminan por mí idioma.

Te daré una fórmula propia para producir mecha negra y lenta. Haz una mecha con la composición normal de 75/15/10 y aquí viene lo especial. Añade 10 gramos de Dextrina para 100 gramos de pólvora negra para hacer mecha negra de velocidad lenta. Verás que funciona muy bien y me lo agradecerás bastante. Un saludo amigo mío.

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