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2 inch ball need help with break charge


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I fired my second 2 inch. 

The spolette was too long, and break not strong enough. (Similar problem with first one)

I was using cedar BP granulated to ffg as break charge. C8 stars.

From what I have read so far, I have two options:

a) H3

b) boost with flash. This is the path I have failed to find any "official recommendation" on. But is desirable for being sulfur compatible. How much flash do you use for 2 inch shell? And do you still fill the rest with BP? Do you mix the flash with BP before filling or just dust on at the end?


video for attention xD



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Remember If you are begineer stay away from chlorate till you get experience.

How much layer of kraft paper you pasted?

For proper bursting you may need tuning between burst charge strength and amount of pasting.

For you second question I will recommend not to use potassium perchlorate based flash booster for begineer level.

Instead use slow nitrate flash.

Barium nitrate 70

Fine flake aluminium 30.

Again amount of booster is adjusted by trial and error.

See progress of your shell burst and then do changes accordingly.

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