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Pyro creations rocket tooling kit


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Can't speak to the tooling, but I use those tubes (5/16" and 1/4" red).  The spolette tubes are quality, but the red ones are kinda crappy and bulge / split real easy.  You'll need to make / find a sleeve of some sort would bey guess.  I tried making spolette's with them and I split every one of them.  

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On 1/8/2024 at 11:12 AM, TXpyro said:


I'm trying to find some quality but relatively inexpensive rocket tooling and this kit caught my eye. I'm just curious if any of y'all have it and if so how does it perform?

It's decent tooling. As cmjlab said, you'll have better luck with the 5/16" tubes. The larger motor will also lift a better heading. If you get into making canister shells later, the 5/16" tubes are nice to have on hand for making spolettes.

If you decide to go for the smaller tooling and also have access to a 3D printer, it's not very hard to make a solid support that you can press the tubes in-out of. I modeled this one to press fit inside a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe for extra support. There's a funnel and a tool for making it easier to press the finished motor out as well.


Edit: Added a 3 piece support insert model that can avoid damaging the tubes from pressing them out.

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That's a great idea FrankRizzo, I like that design - simple, effective, quick (I think, I don't own a printer), and cheap!

Everytime I see people share nifty and helpful 3D print files, I start to wish I had taken time to learn how to use a 3D printer.  Then I could hop on that bandwagon.

Thanks for sharing!

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