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Pvdc binder


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So far, the only stars I've made are chrysanthemum, and tiger tails. I would like to move on to start making colors. I have a little bit of barium nitrate and some saran from cookbook. 

Even though I don't have all the ingredients for any single recipe I can find. I somehow managed to create a nice looking green with barium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, hexamine, aluminum and saran.

It burns well in a pile but I haven't been able to get the stuff to clump and harden like a star should.

I just used my last 50 grams to test out pvc pipe glue as a solvent/binder. But haven't tested them yet.

Any advice on color mixes that someone with very limited resources can achieve, as well as methods for turning said comp into a decent star would be appreciated

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Common binding system are.


Alcohol-red gum


Nitrocellulose laquar.

Wheat paste ( Hardt mentioned it for Aluminium stars)

I have not heard about pvdc as a binder.

Atleast if you have parlon you can bind it using acetone.



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I'm not using pvdc as a binder, I need a binder FOR pvdc. I don't have parlon or red gum. I do have dextrin but I'm not certain of its compatibility, as most recipesI find don't recommend it.

If i had some sort of solvent for saran that worked like acetone does to parlon, I could dissolve the pvdc, then it just might function as a binder...hence the pvc glue experiment. 

The glue is the clear liquid type, not the blue stuff or the gell.

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40 minutes ago, All10Fingers said:

I'm not using pvdc as a binder, I need a binder FOR pvdc.

Binder is usually to bind composition in order to form loose powder form into pellets.

I just cant get what you mean by "I need a binder for pvdc#?

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Pure PVDC cannot be used as a binder since it is not soluble in ordinary solvents.

However, most available PVDC is not pure but a co-polymer with PVC but it is still not effective for binding stars.

Add 3-5 % of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) to your composition and moisten it with a 10 % solution of NC in acetone or butyl acetate. It will dry rock hard!

You might have to compensate the added fuel, although PVB is a very weak fuel, with a little more oxidizer.

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The pvdc is from fireworks cookbook so i should hope its pyro grade, as it claims to be. But thank you this answers my question. 

Although I haven't even able to repeat that initial color. I just spooned a little of each into a cup and screened it a couple times.

My next try at green is "green star #5" from pyrodata but again his uses parlon and acetone

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