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White Fuming Nitric Acid


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I am new here and I have built a lab producing white-fuming nitric acid and trying to see what the market is for this.  My goal is to produce about 1 liter a month once I work all the bugs out.  I plan on building a website and listing it for around $140-$160 for 50 ml (depending on hazmat shipping fees at any given time).  My understanding is that WFNA is much more valuable than sub-azeotropic nitric acid.

I am a licensed professional chemical and electrical engineer.

I have a website sorta roughed in but it needs some work, the HNO3 needs to be an active button that includes pricing and pay pal etc -

 pearson-industries.com – Just another WordPress site

I am putting a business plan together for my wife to try to get her buy-in to take this from just a hobby to a functioning business, linkedin is a joke (maybe you have to have premium or the messages dont really go out?).  Trying to get a gauge on how much of this I could realistically sell.  She is good at business and marketing but thinks this is not a good idea and that the market for this stuff is way too niche and that hobbyists wont pay the premium for white fuming vs 68%.  Maybe space X, military sub contractors?

Just trying to reach out to network to see if this even makes sense, maybe I could get an ATF permit and do some kind of ordinace youtube channel as my dad has 40 acres in the middle of nowhere Alaska, with my credentials and the location I would think I could make a magazine out of cardboard considering how remote it is and they ATF would rubber stamp it?

Maybe I need to just work on producing my 3500 psig micro compressor to separate out xenon - seems xenon is virtually unattainable and has been for some time.  But of course just because air liquide cant get it does not mean people are willing to sell their kids into slavery to get their hands on it ... lol.

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If you are serious, there is not a huge market for Nitric Acid in pyrotechnics (fireworks) for people in the U.S..  Perhaps some people on here may be interested, but I'd be surprised if there were many in the U.S.  We can already get most of the chemicals that'd we would need Nitric Acid for (Nitrates, NC), but that's just my 2¢.  Good luck in you endeavor.

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