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Ongoing Pyro Holidays. 2024 to 2026

Running the Pyro Holidays takes a lot of preparation, work and responsibility. Looking after a holiday groups every need for 3 weeks esp. when many are ‘aging folks’ like myself, doing it well and making sure everyone has an amazing time here is a lot of fun but exhausting.

In 3 years I will be 70 and don’t anticipate I will have the energy to do it any longer so with that in mind I’ve decided to run the holidays for just 3 more years and then call it a day.

This means with a max sized group of 7 or 8 with one holiday in May each year there will be just 24 places available before the holidays end for good.

If there is enough demand and I fill the 24 places with advanced reservations I may do another holiday in the July or December of each year but with a different itinerary to the May holiday. Lets see.

The holiday will last for 19 nights and basically follows the itinerary of the holiday Ned Gorski and his wife Molly took some years back. Molly did a great job in documenting every single day of the holiday so it you want an idea of just what it’s all about take a look through those videos on Ned's YouTube channel.

Although the holiday is pyro related there are also a lot of non pyro experiences to expect, if you plan to come with a non pyro partner they will not be disappointed.

So these are the dates available for advance first come first served reservations

19 nights    3rd to 21st May 2024       available 8 places

19 nights   9th to 27th May 2025        available 8 places (exact dates to be confirmed)

19 nights   7th to 25th May 2026        available 8 places (exact dates to be confirmed)


For holiday costs, full details of what the cost includes, where we go and what we will be doing day by day as well as any questions you may have please email me at bangkokpyro@hotmail.com.



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