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#21 chappers


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Posted 10 April 2006 - 07:35 AM

Hi all

New here my name is Gareth and rocketry is really my thing particularly sugar based fuels. But pyro is starting to bite me and am trying to absorb as much as possible at the moment.
Will mainly probably be active in the rocketry forum for now but watch out pyros i will be back with plenty of questions once I get up and running.



oops sorry feel free to lock, delete move this mods. :o

Merged into the introductions thread in the General Discussion section. -

#22 asilentbob



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Posted 12 April 2006 - 07:17 PM

Hello, im well... me... i have been into pyro for about 2 years and live in texas, im 18 and i am greatly considering joining the PGI soon, then mabey passfire.com and getting sucked deeper into pyrotechnics. My current pyrotechnic goal is to get some good ariel shells made/tested, and i pretty much just need to cook some more charcoal and find a good local source for about 50lbs of potassium nitrate so i can make enough lift/fill/break.

My other hobbies/interests include chemistry, metalurgy, ceramics, guitar (& bass), HEs, drawing, building/DIY, and very big paintings. I would also be a radio scanning guy if scanners were cheaper.

(I'd like to meet more texas pyros and mabey have a meetup/4th celebration sometime, it would be freakin sweet! Currently i only know of one other texan pyro who actually knows what he is doing though.)
Take one pound of pure sulfur, two pounds of grapevine or willow charcoal, and six pounds of saltpeter... Marcus Graecus - Liber ignium ad comburendos hostes
(add to) The Pyrotechnic Workshop Reference - 2007 Federal Explosives Laws and Regs (PDF 100pgs)
EmergencyResponceGuidebook2008pdf - ALL MSDS PERIOD - NPG-NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
Join the PGI - Join the Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (PAT) - They need your support!
Join the American Chemical Society - Dues (really cheap for undergrads!) - 2011 Member get a member program

#23 AVR


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Posted 12 April 2006 - 07:48 PM

I feel it is time that I write a brief description about myself. I am nearly 30 years old and I have allways been interested in pyrotechnics. Recently I broke up with my g-f and now I have the opportunity to advance in this hobby... :)

That's it. Got nothing more to say, but now I've said it.. hmm.. Oh, well. I am swedish not an idiot if anyone wonder about my spelling and grammar mistakes. :P

#24 AcidBurn


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Posted 28 April 2006 - 05:16 AM


My name is Primož and I'm probably the second Slovenian on this forum.Exept pyrotechnyc and chemistry I'm interested in electronic and handball.

#25 Dr Boom

Dr Boom


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Posted 08 June 2006 - 07:02 AM

Good stuff out there these days pyro-guys and gals alike! Call me "Doc"-

I've been in Pyrotechnics for 12 years, HE for 7, and currently took my talent to the Military. Yeah, I got my security clearance and I know "they" are watching me ::waves to the men in black:: :ph34r:

Looked through a bit of the forum and wow, I must say I've been missing out by not getting here sooner! A fellow smoke & fire-breather email me this link, the Admin should put an ad in American Fireworks News-

Hopefully I'll be around enough to make some good posts here but if yall ever need a question answered on the side, feel free to email me at yahoo. I'm on the IM 90% of the time.
C-ya's around.
- Doc -

"When the flame of powder toucheth the soul of man, it burneth exceeding deep."

Roger Bacon - 1251 Anno Domini

#26 AreteVeteran


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Posted 18 June 2006 - 02:58 PM

Hiya this is Tom. Ive been in real pyro for about a year and a half, and Ive loved fireworks my entire life. Other than pyro, i rock climb, and hike lots, and get really shitfaced with my friends and wander around in abandonded building and tunnels. Oh, and I live in mormonville--aka Utah USA. Im not mormon so its lame :(

Anywho.... +1



#27 shadopyro



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Posted 05 August 2006 - 03:45 AM

Heh heh gotta add to this stuff- even if iam a tad late. Well im just another 17 yr old guy, my name is Wei, i live somewhere in the UK(wanna try guessin where?).
Been into pyre for since i remeber but only started making devices about 3 years ago.
Other than pyro im into cycling, gaming, music, badminton, and used to have a shitload of carnivorous plants (long story!). drawing and meeting new people i guess.
if anyone is real keen on talkin then my msn addy is thunderbolt9000@hotmail.com. ;)
There is no such thing as failure, either learn or succeed!

#28 moonshot



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Posted 26 August 2006 - 09:39 PM

hello and greetings. My handle is moonshot and its good to talk to people that have pyrotechnics as a hobby.

I have been folloing this forum for awhile and hope that I can contribute some of the things I have learned about the pyrotechnic arts.

For the last two years I have been perfecting the art of building small scale hand built sky rockets using cheap,readily avalable materials. Most notably the brown paper grocery bag.

#29 cplmac



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Posted 04 September 2006 - 08:11 PM

Hello everyone. I'm from the midwest and I've been involved with display pyro for about 5 years. Just now found this forum and I look forward to learning and sharing. Great forum from what I've seen so far!

#30 Can you say amateur?

Can you say amateur?

    Smelt the smoke

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Posted 10 September 2006 - 04:37 PM

Hello, As you can see from my name I am a total amateur, but I am not here to be a "cool pyro" I want to learn about this art as much as I can!
Ill try not to ask stupid questions, but I may end up doing so once in a while...

#31 pa_pyro



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Posted 20 September 2006 - 04:24 PM

I'll keep my name as pa_pyro for now(Betcha can't guess where I'm from ;) ) I'm 14 and have been into pyro for about 1 1/2 to 2 years. I started out with smoke mix and kno3/sugar "rockets"(kn3 and sugar wrapped in foil that had a tendency to spin on the ground...my end burning bp rockets of today work much better ;) )Now I've advanced into small shells, rockets, fountains, etc. I've only made a few HE's(NC, NS, not sure if Mn2O7 counts, and im shying away from AP[too sensitive]).

Other hobbies: into marching band, jazz band, and im going into drum and bugle corpes this year(percussion)
I'm going into chemistry next year(sophomore, I Couldn't take chem this year have to take biology 1st :angry: )

#32 ewest



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Posted 21 September 2006 - 05:37 AM

My name's Eric and I live in Houston, Texas. I've been interested in pyro stuff ever since my uncle showed me how to dis-assembly roman candles and make rocket heading for estes rocket engines. I had to be 14 at the time. Every now and then I stuck some BP in a fax paper tube to blow up, just did that kind of stuff for a few years.

Then I got married......no more pyro. (bitchy wife voice) "You're going to blow yourself up and I won't have that stuff in the garage, do you want the FBI staking out the house? huh? is that what you want? Mr. I can blow stuff up?" :angry:

So now I'm 34, divorced and have all the chem's and paper tubes I want in the garage and shed out back. My favorite time of year is New Years or the 4th when I pack up all my gear and head to my uncle's place in Mississippi. 75 acres of trees and clearings. It's great to make something, walk right out of the barn and shoot it! My uncle says I'm now his favorite nephew. B)
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Always learn from the mistakes of others; you don't have time to make them all yourself.

#33 Chemguy



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Posted 21 September 2006 - 10:39 PM

My name is Jordan, I am from small New Zealand, which can be annoying because it's harder to get pyro chemicals, but police don't really care about backyard pyros. I am 14 and have been making pyro thing for a year and a bit, latest achievments have been explosive baloons, yes they are simple and easy to make and requires little skill and intelligence, but that's sort of the point. I am waiting for november the 5th, which is guy fawkes over here.
And then I will make some more 'interesting' devices with gunpowder and fireworks (improvised of course.)

That's about all really.
Advertise here.

#34 styropyro



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Posted 06 October 2006 - 08:35 PM

Hi I'm styropyro and i have been in pyro for about 3 years, and I am just starting to get experienced in it. I started out with the basic KNO3 + sugar smoke bombs and my so called "black powder" which was so crappy that I had to use the weight of the shell in black powder to get to an acceptable break height, but now I use willow charcoal (and a ballmill lol) to make it so its better now. My hobbies are pyro (obviously), chemistry, camping/hiking, spud guns, and pretty much anything in the science feild. And shadopyro, funny story I had a TON of carnivorous plants too, but something killed them all :( . (I wonder if it was the creek water I was using to water them thinking that it was pure...)
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#35 whitewolf_573


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Posted 18 October 2006 - 02:13 PM

Hello , I am a spanish boy (22 years old) , interested in pyrotecnics , for two months , when i discover the amateur Pyrotecnics, but since i can remenber i liked pyrotechnics and all related to it .

I have a ball mill , make by me , that i finished yesterday.

I have been doing some things as fountains , black powder and a few more "easy" things, allways with safety and responsability.

I have a lot of desires of learn about pyrotechnics.

Greatings Whitewolf_573

Pyro ... the art of fire.

#36 Cherbanov



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Posted 18 October 2006 - 09:31 PM

My Name is Peter Lives in Sweden, being in to pyro about 1 year.
Iam 23 years old. I like evrything that makes noise, other hobbies is shooting guns and rifles, hunting, fishing, motorcross, tuning cars etc

#37 Aikimike999


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Posted 25 December 2006 - 05:02 AM

My name's Mike, I live in the U.K. I'm 14 years old and been into pyro for about 2 years now. Started out with weedkiller and sugar and now I'm making things like Fountains, Rockets, Roman Candles etc. and I'm completely hooked!

Other hobbies include Aikido, Karate, Iaido and Kyusho.

Merry Christmas everyone!

All the Best,


#38 blaadjes


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Posted 21 January 2007 - 03:08 PM

Hi there.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm a dude from Holland.
I love pyro (who doesn't)
Since Holland is a crappy place to live for the die-hard pyro-fan, i'm searching my ass off to get my supplies. No good luck so far..

I've made a couple of starmines, shells and fountains and one 54shots cakebox. Here is a 2" shell of mine:

Beside doin' stuff with fire, I like to animate, make video's, listen to music (rock, DnB, blues and more) smoke pot to get as high as a rocket, play some guitar and hang with my friends..

That would it be for so far.

#39 Deafaid


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Posted 27 January 2007 - 01:16 PM

Hi everyone!

My name's Johannes (19) and i'm from Sweden.
I've been doing pyrotechnics for about two years now and
i'm studying chemistry at the university.
Awesome forum!! :D

#40 portfire



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Posted 23 February 2007 - 04:48 PM

Hi all .Im brand new here, and a member of another forum (ukps) and thought i'd say hello :D .

now down business! Im glad that their are people out there that are dedicated to development/research/art and the craft of firework making and pleased to be a member of this elite club of amature pyrotechnicians.

special thanx to:

richard h(ukps founder)
and all others at the ukps, as well as this forum for giving all of us aspiring pyro's(and pro's) some were to go

thank you . dean

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