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Small ground effects


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While waiting for some aluminum round bar stock to make some gerb tooling I started playing around with some 1/2" stars and made up a few nifty ground effect pieces.

I'm afraid it doesn't show up good on my potato grade flip phone camera, but use what you have and what-not.

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The stars used are Agtoen Silver Streamer

Potassium Nitrate: 45.83%

Airfloat charcoal: 27.50%

Sulfur: 5.83%

Dextrin: 4.16%

Titanium, spherical 200 mesh: 16.67%


I ball milled the potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulfur, and dextrin together for 30 minutes. (My ingredients were already quite finely milled, so it was more for mixing purposes.) I than screened in the titanium to the rest of the ingredients.

Pumped the stars after moistening with 75/25 distilled water/denatured alcohol. Then set aside to dry for 3 days.

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I then took a 6 inch long X 2 inch wide piece of gummed kraft tape and rolled it around 2 half inch stars with the gummed side out. Moistening the outside as it was rolled up/



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Then I pinched off and packed in one end. Covered that folded in end with one 1 inch long piece of 3/4 inch width kraft tape. Then wrapped a piece of 2 inch long 3/4 inch width kraft tape around the taped end.




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Then on the end that is not taped, quadrisect the protruding paper. Inset a fuse into one of the cut slits and fold the paper over it. Take a small piece of gummed tape and use it to hold the flaps down and hold the fuse in place.




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7 hours ago, MicroGram said:

Nice one! I think maybe you need a new phone though. 😁

50 some odd years ago, if someone showed you a bad picture, or a crappy 8 mm video, you would tell them to get a new camera.

Back then your phone hung on a wall, and you were limited by the length of wires.

When your phone rang, you had to run into the kitchen and lift it off a hook to open the connection and find out who the hell it was that was calling.

Nowadays, if somebody shows you a crappy picture or a video, you have to get a new phone.


Fuck me to tears.

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