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Strobe fuel Mag/Al


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What mesh sizes do you guys recommend? I only have mag/Al -325mesh & different bag of 50:50 mixed turnings -200-325. Sold out of 200 mesh mag/Al of the more Coarse stuff on most sites , what would you guys substitute it with ? I also have a bag of 80-200 mesh mag/Al & a bag of -10+50 mag/Al . Any recommendations on a strobe Comp with what I got , please help!
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Hi! 250-325 ok for clasic Blesser white strobe

Barium Nitrate 51%

Potassium Nitrate 7%

Sulfur 19%

Magnalium 60 to100 mesh 18%

Dextrin 5%


https://youtu.be/DaQXe2r7Y2o?t=25 on 25 seconds play TT+ti to Blesser wite strobe


Or chinese with (Bi2O3)

Barium N. -68

MgAl 250-325 mesh -26

Solfo -6

Bi2O3 -4

Dex -3

https://youtu.be/G4KySUyJVNs?t=29 Here chinese strobe 3mm cake shells 28 mm. Yelow stars with chinese strobe and fanshape mine blue with same strobes

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