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Loudest Possible Whistle with Minimal or No Lift


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Title says it all. Looking 4 a recipe to get the loudest whistle possible without lifting the device. Been seeing a lot ov nuclear whistle and strobe rockets and they all do a long whistle and then launch. I'm guessing it's going to use 2 separate tubes, the 1st to do the loud whistle and the second to get it up in the air.


I want people to think there's genuinely something wrong with the rocket. I want them to say 'oh my god, is it supposed to do that'


Anyone know how to make THAT whistle mix?


Any helping replies are very much appreciated

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Lok1 - Just charge a smaller tube with flat tooling (no spindle, no core). You'll still make some thrust, but not enough to lift the motor and heading attached. Any of the normal whistle fuels can be used.

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