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Monocapa prime comp adjustment


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Hey folks, I dont have access to Kperchlorate or chlorates as it is banned in our country and Im not even planning to make some with electrolysis, so i have Knitrate,Banitrate,Srnitrate as oxidisers in my hand. Thats why i want to change or adjust the monocapa prime mix with the selected oxidisers that I have in my hand. Apart from that black iron oxide is also very hard to find here. So what should I use in place of Kperchlorate and black iron oxide, Im planning to replace Kperchlorate with Banitrate(not sure about the amount suggestions will be much appreciated) and what I should use in place of black iron oxide. Thanks


Monocapa prime comp:


24.6 Potassium perchlorate

31.1 Potassium nitrate

11.5 Charcoal (air float, Willow or Paulownia)

4.1 Red gum

4.9 Sulfur

7.4 Iron Oxide (Black)

12.3 Magnalium (230 mesh, or dark aluminium)

4.1 Dextrin

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I don't think this would work.

The formula is developed with perchlorate.


Also barium nitrate is a much more sluggish oxidiser.


If you have no perchlorate, you have to develop a new formula. Or just use meal + metals, as posted above.



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ok thanks for the suggestions I will try once with barium nitrate and will post the results and comp here, I have also other things planned so it may take some time.

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