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2023 Pyro Holiday in Thailand


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Now that life has returned to normal after 2 years of Covid restrictions here in Thailand we are reopening our Pyro Holidays in 2023.


We are open for booking for an 18 day holiday that includes 8 days of shell building, a display night where we shoot the shells we have built then excursions around Thailand to see Giant Rockets being prepared and launched at a couple of Festival events and a trip to Kuchinarai to see the famous Talai festival.


As well as the pyro events we visit other places of interest as we travel around. Great food, great company and lots of fun. Don't miss out. Only 6 places available. 18 nights: 5th to 22nd May 2023
For more details please email me. Bangkokpyro@hotmail.com




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Let me check my Powerball ticket... :P

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